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  • Peter Nooteboom

    Peter Nooteboom

    Health Psych Ph.D. student @UCLA. Research in digital based social relationships and health. Other interests in tech, data science, design, and public health.

  • BSX Technologies

    BSX Technologies

    BSX believes everyone can improve how they feel and how they train. It all starts with measuring what matters. We are the makers of LVL Band and BSXinsight.

  • Aaron O'Hara

    Aaron O'Hara

    AROH | Digital Marketer | Content Creator | Drummer | Guitarist | Vocalist | Music Composer | Lyricist | CHRIST. Do we share the same interest? Let’s connect

  • Justin Too

    Justin Too

  • dht89hp


  • Moses Sam Paul

    Moses Sam Paul

    Bachelor: Information Technology; Master: Public Policy; Now: Growing www.heptagon.in; Building #SkillsChain; Curating @OpenHouse332

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